MIDI Guitar 2 & MIDI Bass 1 official release!

Version 2.2 released!

After a couple of years and thousands of feedback emails from guitarists all over the world, we are happy to announce that MIDI Guitar 2 and MIDI Bass 1 is now out of the Beta status! In other words, its a good time to upgrade to this latest release and if you are not a already a customer, there are new up-to-date trial versions available.

For more information please head over to the MIDI Guitar 2 product page.

Ending the BETA status is first of all a commitment from us to not break anyting, related to your patches or DAW projects in future updates.

But it doesn’t mean that developments will stop! We will continue to develop and improve MIDI Guitar and MIDI Bass, in all aspects, and a new Violin cousin will join soon as well.

Please also continue to report bugs or request new features and improvements.

Thank you, everyone!

A big “thank you” to all who contributed.

Massive interest and user feedback is what made MIDI Guitar and MIDI Bass possible.

A special thanks goes out to Matthieu Brücher for his excellent work on the AudioTK
framework. MIDI Guitar use AudioTK for the amp models, overdrive pedals and chorus.
Also thanks to John Crocker for proof reading and writing help texts.


Trial version:  jamorigin.com/download


Run any previous version on an online computer and submit your email when it notify you about the update right at start up. You get a download link by email.

Windows users: While the release is new Windows 10 might give a “SmartScreen” warning, just click “more info” and “run anyway“.

What’s new in MIDI Guitar 2.2.1

  • New:    Installers on both Windows and Mac for easier update/installation
  • New:    Patches have a new “Description” module for describing what they do
  • Fixed:  Third party mono plugins output to both output channels
  • Fixed:  Potential startup crash bug on some Macs
  • Fixed:  Better recovery if a faulty 3rd party plugin is loaded at startup
  • Fixed:  Separate selectors for audio input and output channels
  • Fixes:  Issue with plugin versions clearing standalone audio device settings
  • Fixed:  Issue with setting Note velocity from MIDI Machine scripts
  • Fixed:  Some inconsistent behavior in the Bassline MIDI Machine
  • Fixed:  Graphical issue with sliders in preferences
  • Fixed:  Minor UI layout tweaks

What’s new in MIDI Bass 1.2.1

  • Just about everything. Still monophonic tracking, though.

A note on version numbers

We decided to jump from 2.0.x to 2.2.x to avoid a confusion with the iOS version 2.1.x which could give the impression that the iOS version is newer than the desktop releases.

MIDI Guitar and MIDI Bass releases are now unified and will follow the same versioning scheme, with the only difference that MIDI Bass is at major version 1, not 2.