Jam Origin releases MIDI Guitar for GarageBand on Mac App Store


New musicial possibilities for GarageBand guitarists!

Aarhus, Denmark (Dec. 17th 2013). Jam Origin today is releasing MIDI Guitar for GarageBand on the Mac App Store. MIDI Guitar for GarageBand is based upon Jam Origin’s revolutionary MIDI Guitar software and allows you to use your guitar to play software instruments in GarageBand, essentially converting your guitar into a MIDI controller/MIDI keyboard. It is very easy to use with GarageBand and a one-click setup.

“We developed this in dialog with more than two hundred guitarists and studio musicians” says Ole Kristensen, founder of Jam Origin. “Users reports confirm it performs comparable to inconvenient hardware MIDI guitar solutions. Many were astonished to discover that all of the best sounding software instruments are now immediately accessible right at the fingertips on a trusted old guitar.”

According to Jam Origin the technology in MIDI Guitar has been more than 6 years in development by now. It is based upon patent-pending polyphonic pitch detection and -prediction technology that can recognize polyphonic signals, such as complex chords or finger-playing with minimal latency and spurious hits.

MIDI Guitar for GarageBand is a free download from the Mac App Store with full functionality that allows you to evaluate the technology with occasional interruptions. An in-app purchase will remove interruptions for $39.99 and there is a 25% discount until the end of the year.

About Jam Origin

Jam Origin is an independent software- and research company based in Aarhus, Denmark.

We are a small team of engineers determined to push the limits in the field of music software. Our main focus is in audio recognition and -transcription technology, including a unique and revolutionary polyphonic pitch detection and -prediction for ultra low latency audio processing.

Jam Origin was founded in 2009 by Ole Juul Kristensen and its technology have found its way to music gaming, music edutainment, music transcription and audio-to-MIDI conversion applications.


Public Relations, Jam Origin