What to expect of 2015…

2014 was a great year for us at Jam Origin. The reception of MIDI Guitar has been overwhelmingly positive and we have been thrilled by the feedback from users. Meanwhile, we’ve had a whole year to do our research and we have been able to devote it entirely to new developments of technology that will power the next generation of audio/midi solutions.

We plan to release the following products in 2015:

  1. MIDI Guitar 2.0.
    This update will be free for all customers.
    The App Store/Mac Store cousins MIDI Guitar for iOS and MIDI Guitar for Garageband might get an update too.
  2. MIDI Bass 0.2 BETA.
    Tracking and performance improvements, plus most of the new features of MG 2.0.
  3. MIDI Violin 0.1 BETA.
    More info will be available via our mailing list.
  4. And one more thing… a new kind of thing… for guitarists.

More info will appear on this site, but for more info on joining beta’s and for notification about all of our releases, please consider signing up to our mailing list.

Wishing you all a great 2015!
Stay tuned.
Jam Origin