MIDI GUITAR 3 beta-testing

3rd generation guitar-to-MIDI tracking technology is here. Downloads are below.

MIDI CELLO beta-testing

Cello/Viola/Violin-to-MIDI MPE, no special hardware required. Very early BETA. Looking for string players to help developing this.


May 2nd: MIDI Cello 3.0.49 update

Duophonic and tracking fixes

April 27th: MIDI Guitar 3.0.47 update

128 buffersize now supported

What’s new:

  • TRACKING: Buffer size 128 supported both when running in DAWs and standalone.
    (although this this causes high CPU usage for now,  until we support Audio Workgroups).
  • UI: Default UI toned down a bit and is less flashy.
  • UI: New FLAT-UI redesign can be selected.
  • FIX: Escape key will always close an overlay.
  • FIX: Remove cables from the RETUNING and MODULATIONS modules.
  • FIX: Various minor fixes.

April 15th: 3.0.46 was released

Minor update.

We have begun testing the MG3 plugin running in Logic and Ableton Live, but still recommend using MG3 standalone for now.

  • Fixed a long standing bug where MG3 forgot to empty some buffers which could cause unnecessary latency when running in Logic and other DAWs.
  • Fixed various interrelated bugs in the audio system error reporting, in both the plugin and standalone app.
  • Error message comes up if the DAW process variable sized audio buffers (FL-Studio). We still don’t handle this.
  • Added a button to clear file paths to directories of cabinets/reverbs/samplebanks/backingtracks

April 8th: 3.0.44 was released

As yesterdays 3.0.43 was a bit dodgy…


  • Fix: Lost the MIDI GUITAR MINI patch in 3.0.43
  • Fix: (rare) crash issue when changing patches
  • Fix: Loading .mp3 backing tracks

April 7th: 3.0.43 update is out.

With many fixes and a looper…


  • New LOOPER module
  • Global play/stop (spacebar) to play/stop all loopers and sequencers
  • Tempo/BPM change dynamically
  • Set folders for external resources in preferences
  • Browse for Reverb and Cabinet impulse responses
  • Browse for Sample Banks
  • Browse for Backing Tracks
  • SEQUENCER added drum map and chromatic scale
  • FIX: SEQUENCER wrong scales
  • FIX: FL Studio variable buffersize crash
  • FIX: for plugins by Brainworx
  • FIX: for plugins by Madrona Labs
  • FIX: for BOYD plugin save/load
  • Minor fixes and UI updates
  • Activation/spam emails should finally be fully resolved

March 27th: MIDI CELLO is out!

Cello/Viola/Violin-to-MIDI MPE, no special hardware required.

March 19th: 3.0.42 update is out.


  • UI: Hold mouse pressed for one second to disconnect cable
  • UI: Hold mouse pressed for one second to remove knob from external plugin modules.
  • UI keyboard control:
    – Return key to open patch selector
    – Arrow keys to navigate patches/plugins, return to select
    – Letter keys to search for patches
    – Escape key to close plugin/patch selection screens
  • UI: In external plugin modules “learn parameter from plugin editor” is explicit
  • REVERB can load external impulse responses (in .wav file format)
  • CHROMATIC module (experimental) for re-triggering notes instead of bending them and for removing bends.
  • Various minor fixes

March 12th: 3.0.41 update is out.

This update bring improvements to ergonomics.


  • Re-order and drag around modules from and among CHAIN’s.
  • Audio devices (more options) dialog will select mono inputs, rather than stereo input pairs. This should address many-channel-interfaces issues (MOTU, RME).
  • MIDI Aftertouch can be selected instead of MIDI channel pressure in INSTRUMENTS and external MIDI OUTPUT.
  • MIXER has pan controls which can be wired up and modulated.
  • Plugins will be sorted by name of manufacturer by default.
  • Knobs have more inertia.
  • Preliminary support for 48Khz sample rate. Don’t use this for now – it cause tracking issues.

March 6th: 3.0.40 has landed:


  • MIDI OUTPUT module reimplemented and can now modulate the 4 MPE dimensions. It’s also possible to add CCs to the midi output.
  • PATCH SELECTOR will pop up when you hold down a MIDI pedal to change patches. You can browse through patches with your foot.
  • PLUGINS and PATCHES can be organized in subfolders (video with instructions)
  • Fixed issue loading patches after changing the patch file name.
  • Fixed issue that could give black screens or black modules.
  • Fixed issue with selecting input channel for audio devices with many input channels.
  • Optimization of GPU memory usage.
  • Optimisation of the plugin scanning process, to run faster.
  • MPE keyboard visualisation adjusted: STRIKE (color), PRESSURE (size), BRIGHTNESS (vertical position), PITCH (horizontal position)

March 3rd: Bug fixes in version 3.0.38/3.0.39 updates.

March 3rd: License server seems to be good but license codes end in email spam filters. Please move the email to your main inbox and click the link.

Match 1st. Latest version is 3.0.37 and fixed issues with scanning in DAWs and black screens.

Latest status

This page will be frequently updated with information about MIDI GUITAR 3 BETA.

Your Feedback

We’d like to develop MIDI GUITAR 3 with its customers. Please tell us how we we can improve your workflow or report bugs in the forum.


Mac OS 11 and above:




Not yet… we are working on it!

Development TODO’s

DAW compatibility/performance

It should perform similar to the standalone, but there could be latency problems. MIDI GUITAR 3 has not really been tested across DAWs yet, and please mind MIDI MPE is complicated or impossible in some DAWs. At this time, we are focused on fixing issues in the standalone version.

Tracking improvements

MIDI GUITAR 3 is 7 years in development (over version 2). Tracking models have been trained, human evaluated, and adjustments fed back into the machine learning  for over 200 iterations. Since this is very time consuming, we’ll be focused on all other things, during this testing phase.

Supporting lower guitar tunings coincide with MIDI Bass 2 and is a daunting endeavour. MIDI Bass 2 is in the pipeline and will bring some new technology for tracking those lows. It’s possible that some of this technology can be adapted by MIDI Guitar 3.

Minor bugs or missing functionality

High priority. There are minor bugs and some buttons won’t do anything. We’ll fix these first.

Windows version

High priority. Some optimisations still needed, and testing VST3 plugin hosting on Windows and Windows DAWs.

Missing modules

Some modules from MIDI Guitar 2 is still missing. The MIDI Machine scripting will have to change because of MPE. Some of the MIDI Machines are generalised by the more flexible wiring.

44.1KHz / 256 buffersize restriction

This will of course be addressed. More details here.

User Interface improvements

With parallel and cascaded chains of modules and MPE-dimensionality, it’s important with direct visual feedback to not get lost. I think we got this now, but UI/UX suggestions are welcome.

Some things to address:

Smaller/compact UI for DAW workflows
Move things freely around.
Keyboard control across the UI.

Compatibility issues with some plugins

Issues with these plugins were reported by users:

Spectrasonics plugins
Steinberg Halion 7 (don’t receive MIDI)
Steinberg Groove Agent SE 5
SoftTube VCA Compressor

Low priority for now.

Compatibility with MIDI GUITAR 2 patches

Some MIDI GUITAR 2 modules are still missing. Others are changed and will act/sound slightly different. Importing an old patch will need some manual adjustment.


When will [some feature] be available?

We can’t give estimates. Please sign up above to get notifications about major updates. You can also follow progress and give feedback over at the forum.