Audio Recognition

Our audio recognition and transcription technology is currently 13 years under development. It is truly unique and the Worlds first low-latency polyphonic audio transcription solution.  It has been validated by thousands of guitarists over the years.

We do not claim our audio tracking is perfect. No real-time audio tracking will ever be. There will always be a slight latency (zero latency means detecting a note before it was played) and what count as an onset in one playing style is a spurious note in another. Please evaluate our products freely and without technical limitations before purchasing.

  • No Hardware Requirements

    No need for inconvenient special pickups and no physical mods. Our solution is a pure software solution that will work on any of your guitars, not just one. It integrates seamlessly with your digital audio workstation and can process old recordings as well as live playing.

  • Polyphonic

    The Worlds First real-time polyphonic audio tracker. It tracks finger playing and complex chords as well as monophonic leads. It detects hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides and bends and transparently deals with different pickup types, intonations and fret noise.

  • Ultra Low Latency

    Even though it is tracking polyphonic sound – in all its complexity – it is actually faster than other alternative monophonic trackers. It’s generally comparable to hardware solutions and sets a new standard for software based tracking latency.

  • Modest CPU requirements

    Polyphonic pitch detection is a very complex task that requires lots of processing power. Our solution has been matured though years of optimisation and development to run on modest hardware. It will take advantage of faster CPUs but it can run even on an iPod.

13 years in the making…

  • 2008

    Jam Origin Founded

    by Danish software developer Ole Juul Kristensen, generously funded by the Danish ministry of science. 4 years of initial research begins …

  • 2012

    MIDI Guitar first public BETAs

    Worlds first polyphonic, low latency audio tracking!


  • 2013

    MIDI Guitar 1 released.

    First product, first customers.

  • 2015

    MIDI Guitar 2 released.

    3 years of developments later… a FREE Upgrade for all!


  • 2023

    MIDI Guitar 3 is coming...

    6 years of developments later… FREE upgrade is coming!