About Jam Origin

Jam Origin is an independent software- and research company based in Aarhus, Denmark.

We are a small team of engineers determined to push the limits in the field of music software. Our main focus is in audio recognition and -transcription technology, including a unique and revolutionary polyphonic pitch detection and -prediction for ultra low latency audio processing.

Jam Origin was founded in 2009 by Ole Juul Kristensen and its technology has found its way to music gaming, music edutainment, music transcription and audio-to-MIDI conversion applications.

Ole Juul Kristensen is living in Denmark, but periodically retreat to an isolated mountain cottage in Czech Republic. Ole’s comfort zone is in the intersection of DSP and A.I. and has been working full time on Jam Origin’s core audio recognition technology since 2008.

Paul Driessen is a Dutch guitar virtuoso and software engineer, living in Germany. He joined the Jam Origin  team in 2016 and develops concepts for direct guitar synthesis, focusing on the new Deep Guitar Effects.

Jam Origin is generously funded by the Danish Ministry of Science.

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