Here comes MIDI Guitar 2, BETA 2


We intended to release the VST and AudioUnit plugins today but didn’t quite make it and we’ll have to postpone those to BETA3 which will follow soon. 

We try to be careful to not make sensationalistic claims, but we can say that the feedback of the first beta release of MIDI Guitar 2 has been thrilling for us and that it raises the bar for what’s possible in terms of tracking guitars without inconvenient hardware.

One design goal of MIDI Guitar 2 is to avoid the pitfall of making requirements on users (use a particular kind of guitar or adopt a particular playing style, etc..) and avoid adding a bunch of setup parameters (that will always be difficult to understand and lead to endless tweaking). Thus, MIDI Guitar 2 just works out of the box. There are no setup options related to tracking other than a simple noise gate. Well… not quite. The most common feedback from BETA1 was that its too sensitive and hard to tame with the noise gate. So, the last weeks we’ve been trying to improve this aspect in particular. Here comes BETA2.

There are a some other fixes and improvements too. Below is a complete list of changes.

Whats new in MIDI Guitar 2, BETA 2

  •  New tracking improvements – fewer spurious notes
  • Better Noise Gate/Sensitivity control
  • Fix for some audio interfaces that caused messy or incorrect setup options
  • Fix for some synths (eg. Zebra 2) passing through guitar audio
  • MIDI Machines: New channel select and channel split MIDI Machines
  • MIDI Machines: Dynamics MIDI Machine works again
  • Patch/MIDI Program Change improvement/fix (see help)
  • CPU utilization display shows both peak use and average use
  • Sustain pedal works again
  • Removed Master Gain as it seems overkill along the two other gains
  • Redesigned Circle-of-Fifths
  • Adjusted patch default settings
  • Fix for MIDI CC above 119 disappearing
  • Various minor fixes.


MIDI Guitar 2 is a free upgrade for all v1 license holders and free trial for others.

Get it at the downloads page.