MIDI Guitar 2 – release notes

This is some background information about MIDI Guitar 2, how it came to be, what’s new in it, and where we go from here.

About two years ago (half a year before before the release of MIDI Guitar 1) we had some signs that there were significant tracking improvements waiting to be picked up, somewhere in the estranged intersection of signal processing, neural networks and laws of physics. We begun development of version 2 while finishing MIDI Guitar 1.

I had written some kind of manifesto on my wall. It was all about tracking improvements but I didn’t quite know how to make sense of it at the time. In free translation and retrospect, it was something like this:

A kind of Manifesto

  1. Don’t ever miss a single note, regardless of how fast you play, how you pick or hammer-on, pull-off or tab. Either the note is sounding or its not. And if it is there we should catch it. Music is unforgiving.
  2. Setup options don’t help. Why do we need those setup options? Its not like our human brain has to try out and roll back different settings before it can recognize a sound. It should just work.
  3. Velocity is a big deal. We all love guitars for their dynamics. The MIDI domain should be no different. If velocity is wrong it’s no longer a guitar.
  4. It’s not about guitars. It’s not about what type of guitar or pickups you play, not even about vibrating strings. It’s is really about making sense of various forms of noise – only then it will be robust.
  5. Don’t go with physics. It won’t go with you.