MIDI Guitar 2, BETA 8 release

BETA 8 has some very minor tracking improvements that address one source of spurious hits.

It also has a new AfterTouch feature, which will send out a continous stream of midi aftertouch events following the energy envelope of the guitar strings. This can be used for various dynamic effects in instruments and might be used to make instruments more guitar-like.

There are also a few fixes for critical issues. The Mac VST plugin version should work now and some instruments (Kontakt among others) will no longer crash upon startup.

Lastly the way that the plugin version handle Patches have been improved. MIDI Guitar Patches should now be saved correctly/transparently as part of your DAW projects.

Over the next weeks and months we will keep a quick release cycle and unless there are any critical issues, we will add pitch bend in the next update. We might just sneak in a MIDI Bass update before that.

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This version is for customers only. The automatic update checker inside MIDI Guitar should notice that there is an update for you when you run a recent version of MIDI Guitar 2 (BETA 4 or newer).  It will pop up a dialog where you can request download links. If you haven’t got a recent version of MIDI Guitar 2 or just want to play with the free trial please download BETA4 here.