MIDI Guitar 0.9.7 Released

Whats New Fixed issue introduced in 0.9.6 where pitch sensitivity values would be wrong. This cause bad recognition if (and only if) version 0.9.6 is the first version of MIDI Guitar you have used. Fixed issues with setting pitch sensitivity sliders.

MIDI Guitar 0.9.6 Released

Whats New Improved handling of changing Projects with new full screen overlay. MIDI Program Change fixes. MIDI Learn fixes. Fixed freeze on startup in some cases. Fixed issues with pitch sensitivity when changing tuning.  

MIDI Guitar 0.9.5 Released

Whats New New “Microtonal” MIDI Machine for playing microtonal music. Fixed plugin GUI issues in Ableton Live 9. Fixed missing warning labels for sample rate and buffer size. Fixed a crash bug in MIDI Machine. Improved built-in help with index pages.