How can I connect a guitar to my computer?

You need a standard guitar- or audio-interface which you can get in your local music store in all sorts of price ranges and feature sets. Don’t use a guitar cable with a mini-jack connector directly into a line-in or mic-input connector. These connectors are not meant for high impedance guitar inputs and do not have low-latency drivers for real-time audio processing.

How can I get MIDI Guitar to work with my DAW?

Please see this page which has tutorials for setting up MIDI Guitar with popular DAWs.

Will the license for the BETA also work with the final product?

Yes, purchasing a license for a BETA product is purchasing a license for the final full version. Think of it as a preorder that you can already use today,

If I buy a MIDI Guitar license, will I receive future updates?

Yes, customers will have access to all future updates for MIDI Guitar. Updates will include general improvements, fixes and also new features.

What’s the difference in different versions?

MIDI Guitar exists in three versions:

  • MIDI Guitar is the most feature packed. It comes as both as DAW plugins and standalone applications for Windows and Mac computers.
  • MIDI Guitar for Garageband is a Mac Store version which has only the essential features. Read more about on its product page.
  • MIDI Guitar for iOS is an iOS app which currently has only the essential features.

Any of our software packages is free to try with a full feature set and a one-click-download – so you can try out the different products and evaluate which one suites your needs.

How does the full version differ from the trial?

The only difference is that the bugger dialog disappears in the full version.

Can I use a MIDI Guitar license be used with both the Windows and Mac OS X version?

Yes, a single MIDI Guitar license can be used with both the Windows and Mac OS X version.

Can I use MIDI Guitar on both my computers?

Yes, a MIDI Guitar is a personal license and you can use it on those computers that are yours.

Can you please notify me of new versions of JamOrigins software?

Please sign up to the newsletter at the top of this page.

How do I apply my License?

It’s easy:

1. Download your license file from the order confirmation email. (Note, the link is not a webpage – its blank. But there is a file there. With some email clients you should right click the link and “Save As..” or “Save Target As…” and the license file will download to your computer). Save this file somewhere safe, for example to your Documents folder.

2. Open MIDI Guitar/MIDI Bass and after two minutes when the “trial interruption” dialog pops up, click “Apply License”. A file dialog will pop up. Now navigate to the file directory where you saved the license file and select the license file.

3. Done.