MIDI Guitar for iOS

The MIDI Guitar App turns any guitar into truly polyphonic MIDI guitar. It is based upon JamOrigin’s patent-pending polyphonic pitch detection technology with ground-breaking accuracy and latency results.

The MIDI Guitar App is freely available for evaluation on the iOS App Store.


If you find MIDI Guitar not responding you probably forgot to give the App permission to use the microphone (read your guitar interface). You can enable this in Settings/Privacy/Microphone and enable it for MIDI Guitar.

Virtual MIDI Setup

The most compelling way to use MIDI Guitar is to let it drive another iOS synth or instrument app that support Apple’s Virtual MIDI standard. Most music apps supports Virtual MIDI – including Garageband for iOS. An incomplete list of apps supporting Virtual MIDI can be found here.

To use Virtual MIDI you should launch your synth app and select it in MIDI Guitar as an output route or (if the synth app does not present itself as an output) select MIDI Guitar as input in the synth app.

Cable based MIDI Setup

This approach requires a MIDI interface such as Apples Camera Connection KitiRig MIDI or Alesis IO Dock. The Apples Camera Connection Kit is quite undocumented for its MIDI capabilities. Google ‘MIDI camera connection kit’ for more info.


Its possible to play wirelessly over WIFI networks. For many users good WIFI-MIDI setups should be adequate although the lowest possible latency can be achieved with a cable based MIDI setup or Virtual MIDI apps.

Mac have built in WIFI MIDI support. Please see the guide for Mac.

Windows support for WIFI MIDI is relatively easy to setup with 3rd party applications. Please see the guide for Windows.

MIDI Guitar’s pitch tracking adds very little latency. But if you use WIFI-MIDI stream MIDI via WIFI some latency will be added, due to the router and nature of wireless networks. Some users will feel that WIFI-MIDI are too slow for real playability, but it seems the amount of latency is dependent on the WIFI router network.

Several users have reported very good improvements using a network cable from router to computer. A good modern router is also worth a try.